Hi! I'm Dawna

Self-taught artist, teacher, and a mom. And this website is not only a diary of my artworks but hopefully will inspire you to paint or continue painting. Art has been healing me in so many wish and I wish the same for you!

I'm self-taught, in other words, God is my teacher

Akianne Kremarik

My journey as a watercolourist began during our 3 years of « soul-searching » in Asia. I’m a certified and experience ESL teacher who decided to become a full-time artist almost two years ago. I’m a self-taught artist who learned painting in the most inconvenient situation with limited materials. Thus, looking back, I believe that they were blessings disguise as they’ve helped become more flexible, resourceful, and creative.

As a new and emerging artist, I am happy that my paintings has been a part of private collections around the globe, participated in Valencia’s art fare, featured in online magazines such as thisisspainstorepreneur, and several online galeries. Recently, one of my paintings called « In Spring » was accepted/selected by Japan International Watercolour Institute and France Aquarelle Pyreneene Gallery where it will be exhibited for 2022. Furthermore, Lilou.Online finearts has partnered with an Australian base wall art gallery called « Gioia Wall Art« 

I also started teaching art class through my skillshare channel and giving classes in Valencia Spain. And of course, through this website, I wish to partake all I’ve learned and will be learning about watercolours.

Most of my paintings are travelled inspired and from beautiful photos online. I’m a big fan of pinterest, unsplash, and burst. I’m easily drawn to cityscapes and have a special love for Paris where I lived for many years. When I’m not painting, you will find me reading books, running after my 4 year-old or gardening. 

I can say that my greatest influences are Joseph Zbukvic, Chien Chung Wei, and Sorolla. I love how their masterpieces depict light and shadow. I »m also a fan of their journey in the art world and how they overcome the challenges in a painter’s life. Like any other painter, it is my unending quest to search for the light in every painting I make. I love the collision between human and God in nature to become a masterpiece!

As a self-taught artist, I always thought, it was merely impossible to become an artist without going to art school. However, I firmly believe that with strong determination, passion, hard-work, and discipline, everything is possible. So, here I am I took my chances knowing that the journey won’t be that easy but just keep believing. 

So, come and join me in this journey as we thrive to become a better artist everyday!

Short Resume:

Valencia Art Fair, City Centre 2021

Selected/Awarded Portrait Painting – In the Spring – Japan International Watercolour Institute – Japan, 2021

Selected/to be exhibited (coming)- Lilou, In the Spring – Aquarelle Pyreneene Art Gallery – France, 2022

Most of Dawna’s paintings are now part of private collection around the globe

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