Hi! I'm Dawna

Self-taught artist, teacher, and a mom. And this website is not only a diary of my artworks but more than that, I hope it  will inspire you to paint or continue painting. Art has healed me in so many wish and I wish the same for you!

I'm self-taught, in other words, God is my teacher

Akianne Kremarik

I use watercolour painting and illustration to relived wonderful memories, celebrate places, diversity, different cultures, and the wonders of God’s creation. I wish to unite humanity through my art and remind my audience to take part in preserving and taking care of our planet.

As a new and emerging artist, I am honoured that my paintings have been a part of many private collections around the globe, participated in Valencia’s art fare, featured in online magazines such as thisisspainstorepreneur, and several online galeries

Recently, one of my paintings called “In Spring” was selected by Japan International Watercolour Institute and France Aquarelle Pyreneene Gallery where it will be exhibited for 2022 both in the latter and Poland. Furthermore, Lilou.Online Fine Arts have also partnered with an Australian-based wall art gallery called “Gioia Wall Art

I’ve also started teaching art classes through my skillshare and locally. Soon, I’ll be launching my online classes as well. I am really excited and looking forward in this colourful journey with you!


Japan International Watercolour Institute, 2021                    Awarded “Lilou in the Spring Portrait”

Art Mondiale International Pyreneene France, 2021                  Awarded “Lilou in the Spring Portrait”

Exhibitions and Art Fares

Japan International Watercolour Institute, 2021                  Art Mondiale International Pyreneene France – Poland, 2021    Valencia Art Fare Russafa, 2021            



Dawna has sold more than 93 original paintings for less than 2 years since she started all around the globe

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