How I started Watercolours

How it all began?

It all began during our « soul-searching » in Asia after we left everything in France. During these years, I’ve discovered that not only I can see the world but paint it too!

Of all mediums, why watercolours?

I fell inlove with its translucent and freedom. Watercolour is one of the hardest medium to learn but once you get used to it, the magic begins.

The challenges being white is a self-taught artist

For the last few years, we moved a lot and so, I had to learn painting in the most challenging situation in our « nomad life » with limited materials at hand. Although, looking back, I have no regret as I consider them to be a blessing in disguise. It made me become more patient, resourceful, and creative.

It isn’t easy to be learning on your own. I’ve learned a lot from watching videos, reading books, being inspired by other artists lives and work. I’m a tactical person, I think painting daily is still the best way to learn. Learning from errors; I could paint the same scene for at least 5 times until I obtain my goals. I guess, if we really want something, there is no room for giving up, just improvement.

Few words to ponder for other self-taught / start-up artist like you...

Paint daily. Arm yourself with knowledge. Read books that inspire you. Watch videos that make you want to paint after. Set a time to paint and try to stick on that (I paint every morning while my daughter is at school). Bring a sketchbook everywhere so you’re all set to sketch whenever you can. Do not be overwhelmed with the materials. For watercolors, I’d say using a decent kind of paper for a start is a must. Focus on what really matters. I know painters maybe can be messy, but unclutter, value your materials. Learn from other artist. Be inspired with their works but never compare. Every artist is unique. I believe no artist are the same. Find that subject you love and be good at that. Eat healthy food and take care of your well-being. Every art is the reflection of its artist so do your best to inspire others. Stay positive and when things doesn’t go your way, tell yourself « this to shall pass ».

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